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Untaken Road open to new characters

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The time has come for Buffy, The Scoobies, and others who used to fight the good fight in Sunnydale to finally find their own path to walk. No more do they have to be confined to Rome, and the whole world is now an open playing field. There are still vampires to hunt, Demons to deal with, and the annoying little dramas that come with the job. But at least... they walk their own path.

Angel: The same can be said for Angel, who is now freed of Wolfram and Hart, and has started to find his own path again. Others that used to fight at his side, or against him, are also attempting to create their own paths in life. Life doesn't end in Las Angeles, in fact leaving was a good start down the right path. Now the only question is where this path leads....

Supernatural: Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester do what they do best, travel throughout the country and hunt supernatural forces where ever it presents itself. There are ton of paths awaiting the hunters, and those who work with them. Even their enemies have chosen their own path in life, and the consequences are yet to be discovered.

True Blood: And while others hunt those of vampiric blood, there are those who are working to develop relationships between the land of the living and those of the walking dead. Sookie still waits tables, and tries to understand her powers and a new relationship enters her life. The vampire Bill shows her that more than one path can be taken when it comes to understanding his world. Their world will become even more interesting, as new roads open and new opportunities for drama and tension are created.

This is The Untaken Road, an multi-dimensional roleplaying game,
including characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural and True Blood.

Take the Road Untaken -- Out of Character Area -- Rules and Direct Application
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