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buffyrpers's Journal

Buffy Roleplayers
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This community is for those who roleplay within the Buffyverse; either through the official BTVS RPG from Eden Studios or with a freeform/other system group.

Discuss the ins and outs of playing characters in the Buffy world,post your character and beast ideas, advertize your relevant games/players needs/message boards/mailing lists/websites, ask questions from fellow gamers, discuss Buffy and Angel episodes- anything Buffy-related is fair game.

Now.. for the boring rules part of this information.

1) Please respect the rights of others. You may not always agree on the best way to play a particular character, for example. While discussion of your differences of opinion is fine, this should be done in a civilized manner.

2) If your post includes a spoiler for Buffy or Angel, please put it behind an LJ-Cut tag. We may attract members who want to remain spoiler free, and we should respect that.

3) While many of us play and enjoy the official BTVS game from Eden studios, please do not ask for/distribute .pdf files of official sourcebooks. Not only would it take someone with no life a long time to scan an entire book in, it cheats a good system out of its proper credit and money.

4) While we realize there are many Buffy RP's out on Live Journal, this is not one of them. No in character posts, please. This is just for the discussion of said roleplaying.

That should do it- just have fun, talk about things senseably, and we should all get along just fine!

Spread the word among your players, friends, and such to help the community grow.

If you need to contact me for any reason, I can be reached by email at the address listed above, or by AIM at LabArcDesigns. My personal journal is charisma

And welcome!